After-SChool parfait


Serves: 1

Total time: about 5 minutes

It’s a weekday afternoon and the kiddos will be home from school any minute. After a long day of learning, these little mouths will be hungry. But dinner is still several hours away. What do you do? This recipe lets you whip up a healthy and tasty snack in a snap. Crisis avoided. You’re brilliant.

after school parfait 3.jpg


1/3 cup                Fresh blueberries

1/4 cup                Plain yogurt

1 tsp                    Honey

1 tbsp                  Burl (any flavor)


Wash blueberries then place in small serving bowl.

Add yogurt and honey.

Top with Burl.

Serve to the kiddos or grands.

Watch for excited reactions.


Tip: To mix it up a bit, place yogurt and honey at bottom of serving bowl. Top with blueberries and Burl.

after school parfait 1.jpg
after school parfait 2.jpg