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Burl Barley Granola started simply as a homemade granola recipe to share with family and friends. We’ve done some fine-tuning since then, but it still feels like we’re sharing our favorite recipes with new friends.

We believe friendships and relationships make life better. Burl can help by providing good food to share with others, even friends or family who may be following kidney diets.*

We Care About People With Kidney Disease.

Eating the right foods can be a challenge for anyone, but we know it’s especially difficult for people on “kidney diets” or “renal diets”. These diets have special modifications that sometimes restrict foods people can enjoy.

For example, some whole grains can be limited in renal diets due to relatively higher phosphorous content.

This can be challenging…

Fortunately, barley is a whole grain recommended for renal diets. At Everbloom Health, we craft our Burl with whole grain rolled barley (rather than oats) so everyone can enjoy our granola together*.

We Hope Burl Will Help Spread Kidney Awareness To Everyone.

Kidneys — those two amazing bean-shaped organs — do way more than we typically give them credit for. For example, by constantly cleaning our blood, kidneys can filter over 30 gallons of blood per day (that’s right - those little things are workhorses).

Kidney disease is a serious problem that is largely unrecognized by many people. It affects almost 15% of adults in the USA and it increases the risk of heart disease and death**. But here’s the kicker — most patients don’t know they have it. Fortunately, there are many talented researchers, doctors, and others working towards better treatments for kidney disease.

While the search for better treatments goes on, we thought the world (including healthy and tired kidneys) might like some good food to eat…

We’re Kinda Head-Over-Heals For The Wholesome Nutty Flavor And Just-Right-Sweetness Of Burl Barley Granola.

We believe that good food is more than just healthy nutrition - good food can make our time with friends and family even better.

So, why not enjoy fun times with loved ones while munching on food that’s tasty and good for you?

That’s why each bite of Burl Barley Granola is deliciously crafted with rolled barley flakes, which can help us all eat better. And if you’re trying to follow a renal diet, Burl may help you stay within your recommended diet*.  

So share Burl with a friend, be the breakfast hero at work, or use it as an excuse to go visit Grandma.

When you are looking for kidney-friendly food options that everyone can enjoy together, choose Burl. Then you can get back to the things that really matter, like spending time with family and friends.

Open a bag, eat up, and smile.

It's deliciously good.

Try yours today.


*Kidney or renal diets can get quite complicated, due to the particular needs of each unique person. Talk with your doctor or renal dietitian to determine if barley-based foods like Burl are recommended for you. And just so there’s no confusion, Burl Barley Granola is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

**2018 USRDS Annual Report